The Rules


For 2-4 players

To become 100% self-sufficient in food by collecting the following:

  • 3 chickens
  • 3 pigs
  • 3 different kinds of fruit
  • 6 different kinds of vegetable
  • A wind turbine
  • A greenhouse
  • A beehive
  • An allotment

The winner is the first player to fill both their garden and allotment with the above.


Push out all the tokens from the card and place them in the empty tray.

From the deck of playing cards, remove the ‘What’s it Worth’, ‘Swine Flu’ and ‘Bird Flu’ cards, and give one of each to each player. Place any leftovers in the tray.

Shuffle the ‘Green Fingers’ and ‘Natural Selection’ cards separately and put them face down on their places on the board.

Place the haybales in the ‘Green Bank’ (the tray).

Each player choses a corner garden and a wheelbarrow as their playing piece which they place on the ‘Go’ space.

Each player takes 1 chicken and 1 sweetcorn token and places them in the marked square on their garden.

Finally, each player takes 7 haybales to use as currency.


Players take turns to roll the highest dice to decide

who goes first and continue clockwise in turn, picking up crops, animals, “Garden Extras” and an allotment.


‘Green Fingers’ – take the top card from the pack, follow the instructions and return the card to the bottom of the pack.

Note: If you are offered fruit or vegetables that must be placed in an allotment, but if you have not yet rented an allotment, you cannot accept it.

‘Natural Selection’ – take the top card and ask the question of any player of your choice. If they answer correctly, they win 1 haybale from the ‘Green Bank’. If they answer incorrectly there is no penalty and the card is returned to the bottom of the pack.

‘Village Fair’ – you can choose to buy 2 crops. These can be fruit and /or vegetables as long as you have space and/or are already renting an allotment.

You may hold up to 2 of the same crop on a marked space. You may also sell 2 crops to the ‘Green Bank’– these must be different to the ones first purchased.

Crops are bought for 1 haybale, but sold for 2 haybales – allowing you to make a profit. You are not allowed to keep more than 2 of each crop.

You may also purchase one “Garden Extra” (beehive, greenhouse or wind turbine) if you have an allotment.

These cost 2 haybales but can only be sold for 2 haybales (no profit).

‘Animal Market’ – you can choose to buy 1 type of animal from the ‘Green Bank’. Chickens cost 1 haybale, pigs cost 2 haybales. If you sell to the ‘Green Bank’ you will get 2 haybales for a chicken and 4 haybales for a pig.

Note: As you can make a profit it is worth buying extra stock although you only need 1 of each animal to win. Every time you pass GO, pick up 2 haybales.


In order to collect all the fruit, vegetables and ‘Garden Extras’, you will have to rent an allotment on which to put them, so if you get the chance, it is worth renting as soon as possible. You are only allowed 1 allotment.

If you land on:

‘Allotment for Rent’ – pick up an Allotment card and place it next to your garden. (The same rule applies if you pick up an ‘Allotment for Rent’ card from the ‘Green Finger’ pack).

‘Trespassing Keep Out’ – you must pay a fine to the player who owns the garden you have landed in. The fine is 1 fruit or vegetable token of the garden owner’s choice. If nobody owns the garden, or the trespasser does not own any crops, no fine is paid.

‘Fox’ – put any chickens you have into the safety of the chicken coup (excluding any in the wheelbarrow), in one of the 4 small green squares in the middle of the board nearest your garden. These can be retrieved by throwing a 6 on future turns.

(You can still move your wheelbarrow 6 spaces and continue to buy chickens on this and future turns, but your chickens will not count as completing your garden until they are safely back).


Use this to remove 1 pig from one of your neighbours because you suspect a case of Swine Flu. This card may only be used if your wheelbarrow is empty.

Go clockwise around the board with your wheelbarrow to the ‘Trespasser’ square next to their garden.

Present this card and put 1 of the pigs into your wheelbarrow. Don’t forget to apologise! (You do not have to pay a fine for being on this square).

If you go pass GO, collect 2 haybales and roll the dice and continue your turn as usual. Drop off the pig in your own garden when you go past in future turns.

If you do not have space in your garden, the pig must stay in your wheelbarrow.

This card can only be used once and then returned to the bottom of the pack.


Exactly the same rules apply as the Swine Flu Card but substituting up to 2 chickens for 1 pig.

Players continue around the board acquiring crops, animals and Garden Extras.


is the first player to fill both their garden and allotment.

Note: In the unlikely event you can’t pay because you have no haybales left, you must sell any crops you have to the Green Bank (at the usual selling rate) to raise funds, then pay what you owe.

If you still can’t pay, the player to your left must make up the outstanding debt.

If the Green Bank runs out of haybales, each player must ‘bale’ out the bank by donating 2 haybales each.

Get digging – The good life awaits…

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